Kountry Khoas

$7.70 Per Person

Kountry Khaos is a 10 min. game to give players a taste of the escape room experience.

A fun hillbilly mess.  Luanne and her bothers have invited you to their cabin for a knee slapping, foot stomping, hillbilly throw down.  Once you have arrived, they give you a tour of their cabin and locked you in.  Now you have to make sense of their Kountry Khaos.

Can you make sense of the Kountry Khaos? You have 10 minutes to escape before Luanne and her three brothers make you a part of the family.

Escape Rooms are not scary!

$22.00 Per Person


Ed has sent you a Friend Request!

You have accepted Ed's friend request.


WRONG MOVE! Ed has  now  snatched you and  others from your homes and carried you all to an unknown location and locked you all up in his Un-finished basement.  Ed, your new friend in disguise,  has left you and  your friends clues and puzzles that will allow you all to escape.  Can you find them all to get your group out before time runs out? 

Escape The Bayou

$25.00 Per Person

After a night of celebrating Mardi Gars on Bourbon Street, you and your friends have found yourselves in the middle of a lovers spat.  Mary and Jon had a wonderful relationship until Jon fell in love with a tourist.  Mary has vowed that no tourist would ever take her love away again.  Mary lures tourist by offering them a tour of the Bayou, where she takes you to her Voodoo Shack on the bayou.  In order for you to escape, you must find the gifts to place at her altar and then she will release you. You have one hour to find them all. Do you have what it takes to escape the bayou?



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