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Coming February 2,  2020

Escape Rooms are not scary!

Top Secret: Confidential

Mission:  Agent 3008 has gone rogue and we need your help.  He has taken chemical agent 1731 and is attempting to sell it to the highest bidder, currently we have records of 3 possible buyers.  Your job is to recover the agent before it falls into the wrong hands.  The fate of the Nation is on your hands.  Failure is not an option

Allotted Completion Time:  1hour

Mission Objectives:

       1.  Locate apartment of rogue agent 

       2.  Uncover email chain implicating potential buyers

       3.  Determine longitude/latitude of the 3 potential  buyers

       4.  Convert currency of projected payouts

       5.  Locate and Neutralize chemical agent 1731

Additional information:  

Please note that in order to complete the tasks at hand agents may need to utilize skills including, but not limited to:

        1.  Mathematical application

        2.  Problem solving

        3.  Active reasoning skills (Code cracking, chronological organization, etc.)

P.S.  The geographic location of potential buyers, along with currency conversions, will crack the necessary codes.


Ed has sent you a Friend Request!

You have accepted Ed's friend request.


WRONG MOVE! Ed has  now  snatched you and  others from your homes and carried you all to an unknown location and locked you all up in his Un-finished basement.  Ed, your new friend in disguise,  has left you and  your friends clues and puzzles that will allow you all to escape.  Can you find them all to get your group out before time runs out? 

$22.00 Per Person

Escape The Bayou

After a night of celebrating Mardi Gars on Bourbon Street, you and your friends have found yourselves in the middle of a lovers spat.  Mary and Jon had a wonderful relationship until Jon fell in love with a tourist.  Mary has vowed that no tourist would ever take her love away again.  Mary lures tourist by offering them a tour of the Bayou, where she takes you to her Voodoo Shack on the bayou.  In order for you to escape, you must find the gifts to place at her altar and then she will release you. You have one hour to find them all. Do you have what it takes to escape the bayou?

$25.00 Per Person



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