Before you arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reserved game time. If you arrive late, we will have to shorten the length of your game.

Rules of the game
  • Escape the room in 60 minutes or less by solving the puzzles.

  • You will NOT need physical strength, agility or courage to escape the room.

  • There is nothing scary or dangerous inside the room.

  • Climbing on top of or moving large or heavy furniture inside the room is not allowed.

  • You will need to think outside the box and explore your surroundings with good teamwork.

  • Do not take anything with you from the room even if you escape!

  • Taking pictures or video inside the room is strictly prohibited! There are surveillance cameras in the room.

  • If the puzzles seem too hard, the game master might offer you hints to move forward. You only have Three Hints.

  • Your group will not really be locked in. The lock can be easily opened from either side of the door in case of emergency.

  • Do not arrive intoxicated. If we consider your group to be unfit to play, you will not be allowed inside of our puzzle rooms. In this case we will charge a fee for the unused game time.


Single bookings: If you have to cancel your reserved time, please do so at least 24 hours before the start of your game. We will charge a fee for every unused game time or late cancellation.

Group bookings (19+ persons): Please confirm your bookings at least 14 days in advance. After confirmation if you have to cancel or change the amount of game times you’ve reserved, please do so at least 7 days earlier. We will charge a fee for every unused game time or late cancellation.

Please contact via email or telephone if you need to make cancellations or changes to your bookings.



Monday - Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday- 11am - 11pm

Saturday 12pm-11pm

Sundays- closed



1731 Decatur Hwy

Fultondale, Al. 35068